Datura Style ™ Technique & Vocabulary Class


Drop ins $15.

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Datura Style ™ Technique & Vocabulary

Watch for the next purely Datura Style class, or email for more info! For a taste of the Datura Style technique, check out the Belly Dance Playhouse class!
Open to all levels
An introduction to Datura Style ™ Technique
Datura Style Technique® is Rachel Brice’s approach to Fusion Belly Dance. Datura steps, combinations, principles and sequences for a healthy dance practice will be explored and taught by Elizabeth Ashner, a certified Datura Style™ Teacher.
What the class includes
This class will start with a short appropriate warm up and end with a brief cool down. The material covered will include the basic footwork, positions, postures, movements and combinations that are specific to Datura Style™ tribal fusion.
This is a PROGRESSIVE class, and we will build on the material learned each week, but drop ins are welcome.
Class Requirements
There are no prerequisites for this class.
Regular class attendance is highly recommended. Classes will build on material learned each week.
If the minimum number of students has been met, drop ins are welcome ($15) while there is space available. We recommend texting if you’re considering dropping in 303-748-7689.



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Datura Technique & Vocabulary

No current class available. Watch for future class sessions!